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What Can You Buy with Bitcoin?

what can you buy with bitcoin

If you happen to have a couple Bitcoins burning a hole in your wallet, then we have great news for you. There are more and more retailers accepting crypto coins as payment every day, even those that you expect least. Among retail investors, Bitcoin is usually considered as a theoretical tool that may be utilized for growth in the future. Though, originally, Bitcoin was designed to be a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Put simply, Bitcoin was supposed to be a decentralized payment method which allowed for managing finances and making purchases without the need to rely on fiat currencies issued by the government.

Even though Bitcoin is not on the same level as fiat currencies in terms of penetration, when we talk about everyday spending there are already a lot of places where you are allowed to use your Bitcoin wallet instead of your normal wallet to pay for your purchases. So, with that said, here are some of the ways you may spend your Bitcoins.

1. A Car

a car

If you happen to have the funds, you can surely buy any supercars that you desire including a Lambo which is the semi-ironic refrain of every dedicated Bitcoin holder who hopes to someday have enough crypto coins to actually buy it. All you need is to find some car dealerships who accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Some great examples of such dealerships are BitCars and AutoCoinCars that also happen to have every luxury car brand in stock including Bugatti, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, Koenigsegg and many more.

Of course, it is not only supercars you can buy with your Bitcoin wallet, you can also buy a variety of classic cars, road UTVs, etc. as well. The only downfall is that you are limited to buying second hand cars only when trying to purchase from the abovementioned car dealerships. You can’t really buy a brand-new automobile with Bitcoins from most car manufacturers, though Karma Automotive, an electric car manufacturer, has announced that since 2019, Bitcoin is also allowed as a payment method at their main dealership.

2. Real Estate

real estate

The first house to be ever sold entirely for Bitcoin was in 2017 and was worth $480,000. 4 years later in 2021, purchasing real estate with the use of crypto coins such as the popular Bitcoin is still considered kind of unusual.

Thanks to the appearance of a number of realtors with cryptocurrency specifications, purchasing expensive real estate with Bitcoin is no longer a daunting task. These special realtors include Swiss consulting firm Bithome. The way Bithome works is by offering you a full list of different properties available to be bought for Bitcoins throughout America, Europe and Asia.

Besides this, there are also some local and region-specific platforms as well, for example Caliber & Partners’ OpenHouzz. Even though they are a local platform, they feature nearly 200 properties from Spain. There also has been several mansions seen in the lists OpenHouzz offered that were worth a couple million dollars each.

If you are looking to buy an office space with your Bitcoins, we’ve got good news for you. Since April of 2020, WeWork (a famous real estate company) has announced that they accept a range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin for its co-working spaces. The first customer that took up this option was Coinbase.

3. Clothes


If you are into buying clothes – whether it’s casusal loungewear or some trending outfits – the chance to find exactly what you are looking for in one of the many clothing outlets is quite high. Even better, most of them now accept Bitcoin and many other cryptos as their payment method.

Good thing about these shops is that they have a range of clothing options available to you. You just need to go through the catalogue and choose what you want to wear next time. Then all left is to choose Bitcoin as your preferred method of payment and you are good to go.

There are now tons of high fashion and professional designer outlets where you can choose to buy clothing items for Bitcoins. One of the many platforms available is Lanieri which is in fact an ecommerce platform. It offers a plethora of different options and you can buy an entire wardrobe of high quality, tailored clothes including shirts, pants, suits and many more clothes with Italian designs. Sometimes, full refunds are possible in case your garment was not a perfect fit or if you prefer to actually get what you wanted for, they will remake your suit free of charge.

4. Food and Drink

food and drink

Now this one might sound a bit weird. Can we really pay for the pizza we just ate with bitcoins? It’s fun to know that Laszlo Hanyecz paid someone 10,000 bitcoins just to deliver two pizzas to him. You could say the Bitcoin to pizza exchange rate has faced a dramatic change since 2010. This was the first commercial transaction for Bitcoin or at least that is what people consider. Truth is, if he had held on to his 10,000 bitcoins instead of spending it all on two pizzas, he would have had over 318 million dollars at this very day.

A lot of the fast food restaurants are trying to keep the spirit of that particular transaction in the history of cryptocurrencies alive nowadays. One of the said restaurants is Pizza hut. The company has announced that they have partnered with Cryptobuyer and from November of 2020, they will accept many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and many more for their services. Besides that, Just Eat, a food delivery app in France, is also accepting Bitcoin payments for more than 15,000 restaurants. On the plus side, today, food is only a tiny fraction of a Bitcoin.

5. Gold


Bitcoin is sometimes referred to as ‘digital gold’ which is funny because you can use it to buy actual gold as well. Bitglid and the European Mint, both are platforms that will happily accept your bitcoins and let you spend it on physical gold (or silver and platinum if you prefer). You can get the gold in the form of bars or even coins. The European Mint accepts bitcoin payments through BitPay but with a handling fee of 1%. This while Bitglid allows for paying directly from an exchange or your Bitcoin wallet.

6. A VPN

a vpn

When you think about it, VPNs are supposed to protect your online identity so it’s really not that surprising to know that these services were one of the first to ever accept bitcoins as a payment method. If you are looking to pay for your VPN service with bitcoins, you should know that hopefully, there are a lot of options for you to choose from. NordVPN, ProtonVPN, Surfshark, Cyberghost and ExpressVPN are only some of the services with this ability that also happen to be among the most reputable VPN providers.

7. Web Services

web services

It’s totally sensible that web based services and website providers would accept purely digital currencies. We’ve already mentioned VPNs in the last section and even though they are technically considered as web services, they are not the only ones. For instance, such services as the cloud storage MEGA will gladly take your BTC. Another good example would be 4chan, the infamous message board. You can buy their 4chan Pass membership service and pay for it in BTC or any other cryptocurrency.

8. Vacation


Even though the coronavirus pandemic has discouraged most people’s plans for any type of vacation, many holiday destinations are slowly and cautiously starting to open up. This means there is no better time for you to book your next vacation since hotel rooms and flight tickets are still as cheap as they get.

There are a lot of platforms starting their work in the field of vacations. They allow you to book your holiday with the use of Bitcoins. Travala and CheapAir are such services. Travala has partnered with and Expedia. What this means is that you can book flights from over 600 airlines and hotels in more than 2 million destinations all over the world, using a variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as a payment method.

The Final Take

It is easier than ever to make use of your Bitcoins while they are still in your wallet and without actually having to cash them in first. If you are searching for ways to spend a bit of the excess money in your Bitcoin wallet, you can choose a variety of different services that will accept our crypto coins as payment. You may choose retailers or put your coins towards gift cards. Whether you are shopping from your local store or online, there are a lot of different options to spend your Bitcoins. In this article, we talked about some of the many things you can buy with Bitcoins.


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