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Ethereum is an open source network with open access to digital money and extremely user friendly services. Good news is that everyone is able to use their awesome services with no regard to their background or where they live. Ethereum is a technology built with the help of its community and is the platform that powers the best currency after Bitcoin, ether (ETH). Even though Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and Ethereum’s concept is based on that, it offers many unique services and the ability to create and manage thousands of applications thanks to its special smart contracts.

Not everyone is fond of banks being run by the government and has full access to financial services. With that said, Ethereum is all you need. You can buy, sell, lend, borrow and even trade this currency without having to worry about a central authority running the services. Also, it is completely digital and only exists on the internet so there is no physical form.

Moreover, there is no need to provide all of your personal data if you wish to use Ethereum’s products. Ethereum aims to build a community based on value and not surveillance. This boosts the security of the system by a lot.

With Ethereum you are able to move and transfer money directly with someone else. This means there are no third parties involved which is always a bonus in our book. In this category, the goal is to go through all aspects of this extremely popular cryptocurrency and explain its different concepts.

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