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Cryptocurrencies are almost always created with the goal of being free from the control and manipulation of governments. Although ever since the first cryptocurrency made its appearance, they have grown much more popular over the last decade. Each of these cryptocurrencies try to display themselves as improved or modified versions of the others. This leads to the extreme variety and uniqueness of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies available today. Each of these cryptocurrencies may have a completely unique set of abilities that is fully different from the other.

Beyond that the field of cryptos is forever expanding and growing larger so the next greatest digital currency may be released as soon as tomorrow. Analysts adopt many different approaches in order to evaluate the efficiency of these cryptos and their set of advantages.

In this category, we are trying to rank some of the best and most important cryptos and crypto services in order to help our users in deciding which one to use. One important note worth mentioning is that it is near to impossible for such lists to be completely comprehensive as the already vast world of cryptos is growing larger by second every day.

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