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Which Cryptocurrency Exchanges Listed Raptoreum Coin and How to Trade it?

Raptoreum coin is one of the remarkable cryptocurrencies in the world that people can access with the internet. So, you can understand that this crypto is virtual, and you do not have access to money physically. Therefore, you should know the way of trading Raptoreum to be successful in the crypto market.

In this post, we will tell you the process of selling and buying Raptoreum Coin. The best way to use the crypto market usefully is through exchanges. You may hear something generally about these features, but we will explain all aspects of them.


What are exchanges?

The most critical question that beginners want to ask is the meaning of the exchanges. In simple words, a crypto exchange is a platform or network that lets users buy or sell different cryptocurrencies. Moreover, these platforms are available for changing one crypto to another. As you can see in the market, there are many exchanges that you can use, but what is the best one?

If you are looking for an exchange covering the Raptoreum coin, follow us to the end and use the necessary information. Using these data helps you invest your assets quickly with high security.

what are exchanges


Which cryptocurrency exchanges listed Raptoreum Coin?

The main point of investing in Raptoreum is its exchanges. You should know what these crypto exchanges are and get acquainted with them. In the paragraphs below, you can see some of the most critical exchanges covering Raptoreum Coin.



One of the most popular exchanges of Raptoreum is CoinEx. This platform was established in December 2017 and is known as one of the professional cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. CoinEX helps the users to trade their assets with high security, stability, and efficiency. This makes CoinEX a loveable crypto exchange in the world.

The first thing that you have to do is open the CoinEX website. The URL is and then you should register on this site. You need to enter your information in this part and then click on the Sign-Up option. Then it is better to activate the two-steps login. In the end, you can add Raptoreum Coin to the site through your wallet. For doing this, you need to click on “Deposit.”

You should add Raptoreum to this represented URL. You can select the “Exchange” option and start trading. Then, you can trade Raptoreum in three ways; The first is the “Limit” that you need to add your price and amount of crypto. The next way is “Market” where the price is the same as the crypto market. In the end, we have the “Stop-Limit,” which means you can trade if the price reaches a specific level.



You can use Tradeogre to change your Raptoreum Coin to other cryptocurrencies or vice versa. This exchange was founded in 2018. Tradeogre has different sections, and it is easy to use. Anyone can start trading in Tradeogre and has no difficulty; Because it doesn’t need any identity checks. The transaction fees are considered 0.2% for both takers and makers. On the other hand, the withdrawal fees are different for each crypto.

For trading Raptoreum Coin through Tradeogre, you need to enter the website that is to find the trading pairs. As Raptoreum is a new cryptocurrency, there aren’t many cryptos to pair. So, you have to go for Bitcoin or Litecoin first. If you want to reduce your withdrawal fees, it is better to trade Bitcoin for nano. But consider that you should always pay trading fees.



Another great exchange that covers Raptoreum Coin is SouthXchange, with many fans. Moreover, this cryptocurrency exchange also lets you trade Bitcoin and other currencies. SouthXchange has the best security with high speed, designed and operated by PRO-Systems. This exchange is established with simplicity and security; So, all people can use it easily.

The first step in buying Raptoreum Coin by southXchange is opening the website at and choosing your pair coins. You have to use Bitcoin to buy or sell this cryptocurrency easily. 




Dex-Trade is one of the best choices for trading Raptoreum Coin and other cryptocurrencies. This platform was founded in 2018, and it is famous because of its high security. This exchange is a centralized network that allows users to buy and sell Raptoreum in a reliable and stable place. You can manage your assets by a smartphone or a laptop easily. Users can access Dex-Trade from all over the world.

For trading Raptoreum Coin by this exchange, you need to enter the website or install the mobile application first. You can download the android app or the IOS app easily. Then you can start trading Raptoreum easily.



If you are looking for a classic design for your exchange, you can choose Graviex and use its several features. You can control what you are buying or selling with this platform. The Graviex exchange lets users trade their assets by mobile; Since the mobile application has been developed. This makes traders more comfortable and satisfied.

If you want to use this exchange to buy or sell Raptoreum Coin, you should enter its website at and sign up easily. Then you can start trading in this exchange with no trouble. 



You can use many exchanges to trad Raptoreum Coin, and all these platforms are special with unique features. You can be sure that the risk of hacking will decrease intensively by using these mentioned exchanges. In this article, we explained some famous exchanges that cover Raptoreum, and we also said the way trading in them briefly.


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