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The global payment infrastructure currently in work does not meet the demands modern businesses and consumers have. By unlocking the power of blockchains and utilizing the unique technology of digital assets, different businesses and financial institutions are able to improve the efficiency, speed, reliability and cost of their services for people all over the world.

Ripple’s solution tries to unify the current global payment infrastructure. Of course, this is not where this special cryptocurrency stops. With the help of decentralized financial technology, Ripple enables every business, institution or individual to have access to an open and inclusive network with no regards to where they live in the world.

The new era in global finance, takes the form of value in the Internet. This is a world where money is like data and moves the same way. This unique form acts as an efficient catalyst for value exchange just like the impact Internet has on communication and sharing data. Ripple spawns a new chapter in globalization which gives rise to new industries and redefines the existing ones.

Ripple is the only blockchain company today that provides users with products in commercial use for consumers from across the world. Thanks to Ripple’s global network, the businesses that utilize this cryptocurrency have access to special liquidity solutions as alternatives.

Ripple aims to improve the existing financial system, meaning they are going to partner with their users to optimize their infrastructure (not replace it). Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Ripple also works with banks and governments in hopes to make their solutions more secure and reliable.

In this category, we aim to break down everything regarding this unique cryptocurrency. The articles are aimed towards both beginners and more advanced users so don’t worry if you are not familiar with the basics as we got you covered.

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