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History of Bitcoin from Begining to the End of 2020

Worldwide years of introduction of Bitcoin (2014 to 2017).

The most important event in these consecutive years was the increasing recognition of bitcoin in the global arena. Of course, this recognition did not have a good start. Because at the beginning of 2014, many exchange offices restricted the purchase and sale of this currency with the bitter memory that was left to them from Hard-fork last year. The currency was $ 111.56 at the beginning of the year and $ 1,007 at the end of the year

BTC Price 2014


The most important event of 2015 was the selection of the Bitcoin with the Latin letter B. This choice actually gave Bitcoin the value of being universally recognized with its own logo. Of course, this choice of logo did not mean a jump in the price of bitcoin. Rather, with the increase in demand for this currency, this currency experienced only a very slight upward trend this year. The highest Bitcoin price this year was 463.18.

BTC Price 2015

The coming to power of Donald Trump in 2016 was not a good thing for Bitcoin. Because his personality was such that he showed no particular interest in such technologies. Of course, because the second Hawing also occurred this year, despite the decrease in the initial relative price at the beginning of the year, but this currency found an upward value during the year. And at the end of 2016, this currency experienced a price of 972.17.

BTC Price 2016

Donald Trump could not affect the price of Bitcoin for even one year, and in 2017 bitcoin had a great rise in its price again. In 2017, the price of Bitcoin crossed the $ 10,000 mark and reached 19,335. This price increase was quite evident in other digital currencies, such as Ethereum.

BTC Price 2017

Years of 2018 to 2020

2018 were not an interesting year for this currency and from the beginning of the year, this currency started its downward trend. Many attribute this declining trend to poor rainfall and consequent lower power generation for mining equipment. The hash rate decreases when the mining devices are less active. And as the hash rate decreases, so does the price of the currency, but this is not a permanent decrease. Rather, it is just a theory by analysts.

BTC Price 2018


In 2019, the upward trend in bitcoin prices resumed gently. However, at the end of the year, due to the corona-virus pandemic, the currency fell relative to the mid-year peak price. Also, in the same year, Donald Trump announced in a strange tweet that our official currency is only the dollar, and this tweet of his, along with the start of the corona, reduced the price compared to the beginning of the year. The highest price that the currency experienced that year was 12.657.

BTC Price 2019

In 2020, Bitcoin was a witness of a sharp price fluctuation. Because in this year, strange things happened, including Trump's disqualification for the presidency, Hawking III and the Coronavirus. At the beginning of this year, the price of this currency started at $ 19,000, and after a short time, the price dropped to $ 3,000. After this price drop, the currency rose again and experienced a price of $ 10,000. At this time, when bitcoin was recovering slightly, the corona virus caused the currency to fall again. But eventually, with positive events such as the changing of the US President and Hawking III, there was a huge jump in the price of the currency, which suddenly reached around $ 30,000 by the end of the year.

BTC Price 2020


Bitcoin History 2020


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BTC History 2020