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How to Earn Free Bitcoin?

how to earn free bitcoin

You might be thinking about ways to get a couple of free coins. Well, in that case, you should know that there are a good number of websites available on the internet where you may earn free Bitcoins in exchange for doing a bunch of tasks and services such as playing various games, watching advertisements, etc. of course, you should also note that the amount of Bitcoins that can be earned through these websites are not all that substantial and in fact, it is only a small portion of Bitcoin. Of course, Bitcoin is such a high value cryptocurrency that even a small amount of it can be worth a lot. Besides, there’s no harm in getting free stuff.

So, earning Bitcoin for free can help you earn great amounts of profit and even more due to Bitcoin’s high volatility. Without further ado, let’s get into the article. Here are some of the legit ways you can earn free Bitcoins.


1. Using a Crypto Browser

using a crypto browser

First off, there are some websites that help you earn Bitcoins free instantly for performing several activities. For example, CryptoTab Browser allows you to get some free Bitcoins immediately for simply surfing the Internet via their browser.

2. Learning about Bitcoin

Besides surfing the Internet, you have the option to earn free Bitcoin by learning about Bitcoin from various sites such as Coinbase. This website has a certain service where it offers numerous courses and informative videos about cryptos. All you are required to do is to answer a bunch of quizzes and questions or to clear some specific tasks. You will then be rewarded with some amount of a certain crypto coin (including Bitcoin) based on your participation. However, in order to get Bitcoins this way, you need to have registered an account on the Coinbase website first.


3. Bitcoin Faucets

bitcoin faucets

This is a popular method by many people online. The method is a special feature available on certain websites that are constantly providing Bitcoins to some of their users. For instance, there are some websites that dispatch a small portion of Bitcoin every second for free as a reward for using their website and promoting it. However, keep in mind that giving out Bitcoins every second is going to be such an expensive service, hence the exceedingly small amount that you can get after a couple of minutes on the website.

You might be thinking how is this worth it for the website owner. They are literally giving people free money. The idea is the faucet keeps users and visitors on the website for as long as possible (and this is usually a really long time) and so the owner will get more engagement, much better ad revenue from google, and some other benefits out of it. A great example of such faucet websites is Cointiply.

4. Playing Mobile or Online Games

What more fun way to earn some profit from it? There is a plethora of online games out there that reward small amounts of Bitcoin for your participation and as a prize. This is quite similar to how Bitcoin faucets work but instead, they are video games. These apps and websites are trying to encourage users to play their game and view ads in hope for the Bitcoin rewards.

Due to this, gaming has emerged as one of the greatest sources for ads and therefore a lot of advertisers aim to reach people via these Bitcoin prizes. Again, don’t expect the rewards to be too substantial. You can only get a small amount by doing these activities. An instance of online games where you can play Bitcoins is an online game called Blockchain poker available at


5. Trading


Arbitrage is probably the quickest method to earn an income from cryptocurrency trading but you need to have some amount of coins first. It offers you a great opportunity to purchase certain assets at a specific price. Then you may sell your purchased asset immediately at a different place for a higher price and therefore earn great income from it.

Before you do so however, you should consider the price differences between different exchanges, access restrictions, and the speed of fiat money transfers. This will help you find such opportunities to earn Bitcoins from arbitrage. There are a lot of traders out there who use automated trading bots to make the process much, much faster for themselves. A bot has the ability to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to trade your coins based on the rules and strategies you determine.

6. Shopping Rewards

Another way to earn free Bitcoins is by doing regular shopping online with the aid of some shopping companies. All you need is a passion for shopping and to download a certain extension for your browser. You may then earn Bitcoins when you check out various products. This is great if you love shopping online as it allows you to earn cash back on your purchases but in the form of cryptocurrencies. Lolli is a great example of this. You can get one free Bitcoin for shopping at over 1000 top stores online. Just download the app and start earning.


7. Doing Jobs

doing jobsPerforming certain tasks online can get you free Bitcoins in no time. There are companies that are willing to pay for your services in Bitcoins. you can do such tasks as testing their website, writing articles for them, retweeting their posts, taking surveys, optimizing their website and some other small tasks. There are a lot of freelancer jobs out there for you to take.


8. Referral Programs

Affiliate programs are probably the most widely available option for earning any cryptocurrency including Bitcoin. They work really simple. You can earn points for referring a friend to a service. You can then use the said points to buy discounts or straight up Bitcoins. for example, whenever the friend you referred makes a transaction, you will earn a small percentage of their transaction as reward. As an example, Binance is a website with such service.


The Bottom Line

So here we have it, 8 ways to earn Bitcoin for free. Technically, there is no free way to get Bitcoins. even with the methods stated in this article, you are still doing something and getting rewarded with Bitcoin in exchange for your service. Anyways, we hope this article was of help. Have fun earning free Bitcoins!


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