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How and Where to Buy Ripple?

Ripple has become one of the most popular and talked about topics in recent days. At some point, Ripple’s XRP hit the second place cryptocurrency and was above Ethereum for a short period. Ripple’s currency has risen in value and is continuing to go up in price. It is worth mentioning that Ripple is the company and their coin is called XRP. Although a lot of people simply refer to both as Ripple. In this article, we will refer to it with the correct term. Read along to learn how you can buy the coin and invest in the company.

how and where to buy ripple

So, before we get into how you can invest in Ripple, you should know that the Ripple XRP is much more different than other big cryptocurrencies in the sense that it was created by a private company and solely for gaining profit. The goal of the company was to allow for a frictionless method for sending money across the world and XRP is how they do it. Another important thing to mention is that the largest holder of the coin is the company itself.

The only problem here is that Ripple is not as easy to invest in as the other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are. Of course, Ripple has changed and their purchase methods have changed along with it. It used to be much harder with a couple more steps compared to now but anyways, let’s break it down and see what we need to do.

How to purchase?

First you need to know that Ripple was subjected to an SEC investigation case last year and as a result of that, the token has been removed from a bunch of exchanges. Due to this fact, it is a bit tricky to buy XRP but still possible. just follow the instructions stated in this article.

how to purchase


Where to Invest?

Even though some exchanges have de-listed XRP from the coins they work with, you can still trade for XRP in such places as Coinbase but it might be a bit limited. Some other options are Kraken, Uphold, and Coinmama. These exchanges can also help you in purchasing XRP and investing in Ripple. As we have already stated before in this article, XRP is not that easy to obtain and since there is no way of mining it like Bitcoin, you must either buy it with fiat currencies or via a crypto to crypto exchange. Now, for this type of trade, you need to go through multiple steps, from creating an account to investing in Ripple. With that said, here is how to acquire XRP.


Purchasing the coins

Now here’s when things get a little tricky. So, there are two ways you can approach this case. First of all, you can directly purchase your desired amount of XRP with an accepted fiat currency (such as US dollars). This is done the same way you do with other crypto coins and should be simple enough. The only problem is that not all fiat currencies can be used as payment so direct purchase of Ripple XRP may not be possible from all countries.

purchasing the coins

Due to this restriction, a second method is also available. The exchanges have a trade option, meaning you can convert the coins you have to XRP and obtain it that way. For instance, you could mine a minable currency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum and once you have the mined coins in your account’s wallet, you can attempt to buy XRP. For this, all you need to do is to click on Ripple (XRP) in your exchange account and place a trade for the coins.

Technically, you can do the same thing with fiat currencies as well. You may buy another crypto coin with your money and trade it for XRP. Some of the cryptocurrencies out there may be available in all countries so this is also a valid option.

Best Exchanges to buy XRP from

1. Bitstamp

Now, as we have already mentioned, Ripple XRP cannot be bought as easily as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Bitstamp is one of the several options you have when it comes to buying XRP. This exchange allows you to purchase your desired amount of XRP via credit card, debit card or even international bank transfer for some countries.

2. Kraken

Kraken is another option. You may buy however many coins you want but beware, Kraken only accepts wire transfers. Credit and debit cards, bill payments, PayPal, checks, ACH transfers, cash deposits and similar payment methods all get automatically rejected.


CEX.IO is also a great exchange if you wish to purchase XRP coins with low fees. Crypto Capital, bank transfers, VISA and MasterCard are all accepted by the exchange as payment methods.

4. Coinbase

Coinbase allows for buying, selling and even trading Ripple XRP. Because buying crypto coins via U.S. dollars or some other payment methods are not possible in every country, you can trade other currencies for XRP.

Trading for XRP

Besides all the exchanges stated above, there are some more options that also let you get XRP coins from them, by simply trading your BTC or ETH for it. These options include Binance, Changelly, Bittrex, Shapeshift, and Poloniex. Please note that these exchanges only allow XRP trades with other cryptos and not fiat currencies. If you wish to buy XRP via real money, then use the other exchanges stated in this article.


The Final Takeaway

If the idea of a digital wallet does not sound good to you, there are no ETFs that can track Ripple yet. Like any other currency in the global market, investing in Ripple XRP also poses a high degree of risk. However, due to the token’s low price point, you can potentially get a lot of profit in return with a low barrier to entry. In other words, we could say that investing in Ripple XRP is a case of high risk, high reward. You never know about the future, XRP could skyrocket a few weeks from now and go as high as Bitcoin did so, if you purchase some XRP coins and invest in Ripple today, you may thank yourself in a couple years from now. 


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