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Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? The Identity of the Creator of Bitcoin

whois satoshi nakamoto

Creator of Bitcoin

The basic characteristics of Bitcoin and its concepts were released anonymously in 2009 by a person named "Satoshi Nakamoto". He worked on the project until late 2010. The number of developers working on Bitcoin has grown dramatically since then.

He issued the first version of Bitcoin in 2009 and worked with others on the project until he finally disappeared in late 2010. In other words, "Satoshi Nakamoto" has always been unknown and never been a public figure.

Why his identity remains undiscovered to this day

Among many reasons we can mention the following

Fear of getting killed: Bitcoin could easily and efficiently replace the major international currencies in the near future (currencies such as the dollar, euro, pound, etc.) Therefore, if this happens, it will reduce the power and wealth of politicians. So it is expected for the inventor of bitcoin to worry about losing his life.

Maybe he has been killed right now and is no longer with us, although because this project is open-source, his identity will not be mentioned so as not to further disrupt the operation of this project.

Or the inventor of Bitcoin may be a special agency or government organization that does not want its name disclosed to the public and newspapers for certain reasons.

Of all these reasons, the third is the most logical one.


"Nakamoto" has never disclosed his personal information and never exposed himself to the public, but in a report published in 2012, he claimed to be 37 years old and living in Japan; But many questioned his Japanese identity because of his fluent English in messages written in the forums.

There are several rumors that "Satoshi Nakamoto" has about one million bitcoins in his wallet, which could put him on the list of one of the richest people in the whole world. Of course, it should be noted that the anonymity of the inventor of Bitcoin also creates fears in the hearts of investors of this digital currency. Among other things and issues that may raise concerns, if one day he sells all his one million bitcoins, the market will fall in price.

"Satoshi" worked very closely with the bitcoin community to improve the basics of the protocol and algorithms. After two years of participation, "Satoshi Nakamoto" withdrew from Bitcoin development and in December 2010 "Gwen Anderson" took over the responsibilities. To this day, there have been many people who are likely to be the real creators of Bitcoin, but the answer to this question remains a mystery.

Why is it so important to recognize the true identity of "Satoshi Nakamoto"?

In the age we are in, also known as the information age, "Satoshi Nakamoto" has managed to keep his identity completely protected from everyone (IMO, this is very impressive). But why is it so important to expose the identity of "Satoshi Nakamoto"?

If he is a real character, he owns almost 5% of the bitcoins in the world, which makes him the 52nd richest person on the planet. Now back to the main question of why it is important to know the true identity of "Satoshi Nakamoto"; This amount of wealth has many consequences for everyone. If "Satoshi Nakamoto" was going to sell his bitcoins (according to rumors of 980,000 bitcoins), the market would be in a state of turmoil, and this would become more and more dangerous for the bitcoin industry in the future.

A person who represents a group?

Despite all this, some think that "Satoshi Nakamoto" is actually a nickname for a team consisting of several people; the team that designed and created Bitcoin and then hid behind the identity of an imaginary name. Many say that bitcoin may not have come and originated from Japan at all and was designed somewhere in the United States.

Such statements generally originate from a single source and are reasons for that: The code was written to create bitcoin, and the whole world of cryptocurrencies and other related technologies is far more complete and advanced than the work of one person. Some theorists have even talked about an 11-member team, while others have said that if the inventor of Bitcoin was someone, that person must have a legendary genius.

Of course, we must also keep in mind that one of the probable explanations as to why "Satoshi Nakamoto" has disappeared and there is no trace of him in the virtual and real-world could be the propaganda and use of propaganda to make the project more popular and well-known between people.

So, perhaps before we start to think that bitcoin, like the Coronavirus, is the product of the plots of the people behind the scenes who run the world (conspiracy theory), let's be a little more realistic and think that maybe the world isn't so mysterious and there is no secret to unveil.

What do we know about him:

the identity of the creator of bitcoin

He lived in London while working on the Bitcoin project

London is where "Satoshi Nakamoto" probably lived

He has his unique writing style

After finishing each sentence, "Nakamoto" went to the next two lines without any exception. This peculiar and old fashion way is common in the military and academia and all people who are using typewriters. Therefore, we can presume that he is in his old age.

He is nominated for the Nobel Prize.

In 2015, "Satoshi Nakamoto" was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Economics. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize for his invention, which revolutionized the economy.

He only communicated with others in digital ways

It is said that he only talked to other users through email outlets and forums and was not interested in meeting in person or using the phone.

"Satoshi Nakamoto" character might be female, who knows?!

Since the true identity of "Satoshi Nakamoto" has not yet been confirmed, we cannot say for sure that he is a man. "Satoshi Nakamoto" might be a woman or a man or even a group of people


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